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Our Rides

The UK's Oldest Surviving Noahs Ark Ride 'Jungle Speedway'

Built in september 1930 the 'Jungle Speedway' is a family ride in every sense of the word. Riders can choose from one of its many original carved animals and glide over the hills whilst soaking up the magical atmosphere that this ride creates. 

Original 1960s Juvenile 'Sea on Land'

Kids love to sail the high seas on this original 1960s boat ride. Its one of three built in Kings Lynn and is beleived to be the only one of its kind still operating. We have travelled this ride for many years throughout the UK and are very proud of it.

1960's Juvenile Swing Boats

The ever popular Swing Boats are a quintessential english fairground attraction. The high swinging boats are propelled by the children pulling a rope, just as they would have done in Victorian times. Kids can choose how high to go in the boats, but the ride is always supervised by one of our team.

1950 'Supercar Racers' Juvenile Car Ride

The only one of its kind still operating in the UK, Kids can take to the wheel in their very own steel racing car. The cars are very unique and feature reilistic features that children love.

'The Toyland Roundabout'

A modern classic, this is our newest ride build in the 1990s. 'Toy set' rides have been a part of fairgrounds in the UK for many years. The ride consists of differend ride on toys mounted on a revolving platform making it ideal for small children.

Our example is traditionally themed and hand painted which fits in beautifully into our old time funfair. However its modern design and low power consumtion means that it is more suitable for smaller events than some of our older attractions.

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