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Our Other Attractions

Games are an important part of any funfair, they help to add atmosphere and bring people together. We have a great selection of some of the nations favourite traditional fairground games.

Traditional Family 'Hook a Duck'

Original 1930's fairground round stall with 'Hook a Duck' game. Kids and adults love this and everybody goes home with a quality prize.

Traditional Cork Shooting Saloon

Shooting sport has been enjoyed on english fairgrounds for many years in various forms. Our Traditional Cork Shooting Saloon has been lovingley restored by our team after being packed away for over 20years. This game can be enjoyed by all the family. Parents and kids can win what they shoot off the shelves with the easy to operate rifles.

Test Your Strength 'High Strikers' (ring the bell game)

A quintessential british fairground game, see if you can ring the bell on one of our traditional 'high strikers'. We have one for kids and a taller one for Dads (and mums). At 20ft tall the adult striker is a great focal point at events. Its great fun for all the family and theres prizes to be won too! 

Ball In The Bucket Game

A real game of skill, our traditional 'Ball In The Bucket' game is a great little game to be enjoyed by all ages. The game can be used 'free standing' or in conjuction with one of our smaller vintage side stalls.

Circus Clown Traditional Throwing Saloon (Aunt Sally Game)

Our Circus Clown Game is based on a traditional fairground game Called an 'Aunt Sally' also often referred to as an 'Emma' throwing saloon. Different variations of this game have been played in English pubs and fairgrounds since the 17th century, where players would often throw sticks at a target, usually a puppet or model of a woman's head. Today our version uses soft juggling balls to knock over the wooden hand painted clowns.

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